Buy Your Season Subscription Now for Our Exciting New Season!

For a limited time you can purchase a subscription for our 2017/18 Season that will allow you to see all three of these wonderful shows for only $60!

Currently, individual tickets cost $24, but subscriptions for our new Season are available online through our ticketing platform, StarTicketing. A subscription is a great saving, as it allows you to enjoy all 3 wonderful shows for only $60!

Click the link below to purchase your 2017/18 Subscription now:

Subscriptions may also be purchased in person at our ticketing locations: Sugar FX at 13 Brock St. W. in Uxbridge during their regular business hours, or call toll free 1-866-808-2006.

NOTE: If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us at info@onstageuxbridge.com.

For more information on these shows please check out our Current Season page.


  1. cynthia nidd

    You tell us a couple of times that is costs $60 for season’s pass but do not tell us what one ticket will cost us.

    1. Amy Caughlin

      Thank you for your question. Individual tickets currently cost $24 each.

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