Audition Notice: And Then There Were None

OnStage Uxbridge announces auditions for the classic Agatha Christie mystery

Directed by Samantha Smilovic
Produced by Conrad Boyce

Show Dates
Apr. 2-11, 2015, Uxbridge Music Hall

Sun., Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. and Tues., Dec. 9 at 7 p.m.
Sandford Community Hall, 433 Sandford Road

Thurs., Dec. 11 8 p.m. Same Locale

No preparation necessary, cold readings from the script. Just bring your best British accent!

If you’d like a copy of the script to peruse in advance, please contact Conrad at conradboyce@powergate.ca

If you’d like more information on the cast requirements, please contact Samantha at samstag@hotmail.com.

Here are the characters we need you to play (8 males, 3 females):

Vera: late teens – early thirties. Intelligent, resourceful, independent. A secretary.
Lombard: late twenties – early forties. Confident, strong, a bit of a scoundrel. An adventurer.
Wargrave: late fifties on. Focused, motivated, mindful. A judge.
Blore: late thirties – late fifties. Suspicious, foolhardy, certain in his convictions. An investigator.
Armstrong: late thirties – late forties. Nervous, gullible, cowed. A doctor.
Emily: mid-forties on. Rigid, cold, religious. A spinster.
MacKenzie: fifties on. Worn down, fatigued, confused. A retired general.
Marston: late teens – late twenties. Reckless, immature, self-involved. Rich.
Rogers: early thirties – late fifties. Misanthropic, domineering, self – important. A butler.
Ethel: early thirties – late fifties. Haunted, hysterical, heart in her throat. A cook.
Naracott: early thirties – late fifties. Proponent of serving class unrest, cockney. A boatman.

Look forward to seeing you at auditions!

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